factoryb is the portfolio of artist Brandon Stahlman

Artist statement for GUTS

"Treat everything as an experiment" -John Cage


1. Define the question

What happens if I consciously try to seperate the physical and mental components of art making? In other words, can I experience and express 100% subconsciousness while I'm awake and creating?


2. Gather information and resources

-South African rock art involving shamanistic trance

-Wassily Kandinsky's improvisations and compositions

-Jackson Pollock and art for art's sake

-The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal


3. Form hypothesis

I predict the art making trance will be challenging at the very least because consciously deciding to do anything will make 100% subconsciousness hard to attain! However, something new and unexpected will probably happen and I'm bound to learn from it.


4. Perform experiment and collect data 

-Make woodcuts, ink and layer them in a random order.   

-Make screenprints, and layer them on top of the random woodcuts. 


5. Analyze and interpret data

So far, each print speaks back to me in a unique, yet visually unified language. Naturally, I'm interested in what others have to say about the work. Contact me!


6. Publish results

See calendar for scheduled exhibitions of GUTS.

Click here to see the prints online.